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5 Myths About Lowering Your Suspension

5 Myths About Lowering Your Suspension

A lowered suspension isn't just for looks. A low suspension can increase your car's aerodynamics and handling as well as provide a smoother ride. One of the most common ways mechanics go about lowering suspensions is by using performance lowering springs that will work with your vehicle's original equipment. 

Unfortunately, there are a lot of misconceptions about lowering springs and low suspensions. To set the record straight this spring, we have created a list of five myths about lowering your suspension. Read on for the truth about lowering springs.

"Original Shocks Won't Work with Lowering Springs"

Lowering springs that lower your suspension about an inch will work perfectly with newer factory shocks. Many spring sets, such as Eibach's Pro-Kit or Sportline's set, are specially designed to work with the vehicle's original suspension.

"An Expensive Alignment Kit is Required to Install Lowering Springs"

The truth is that most of the time an alignment kit is not necessary. If you are only lowering your suspension about an inch, you most likely will not need an alignment kit.

Myth: A low suspension will give the vehicle a rough ride.

"A Low Suspension Will Give the Vehicle a Rough Ride"

Lowering spring sets are designed to last just as long as your vehicle's suspension. In fact, many drivers report that their ride got smoother after lowering their suspension. A low suspension adds some stiffness to the suspension, which is great for smoothing out the ride.

"Lowering Springs Will Sag"

The best spring sets are tested, pre-compressed and proven to last so that your vehicle will stay at the proper level. Some spring sets even come with a million mile warranty. Another great advantage of a low suspension is that they can reduce the risk of rollover thanks to creating a lower center of gravity.

"Lowering Your Suspension is Expensive"

The cost of lowering your suspension will usually only cost as much as the lowering springs and the cost of installation.

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