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The Best Car Tech From CES 2016

The Best Car Tech From CES 2016

The annual CES trade show hasn't officially become a car show, but it's getting close. Automakers have been flocking to Las Vegas each year to unveil the latest and greatest technologies powering their vehicles, as well as concepts for future models intended to blow the minds of all in attendance. This year's showcase was no different. Here are the best car technologies from CES 2016. 

Dashboard of the Future

If one thing is evident from CES 2016, it's that the future will bring a whole new way for drivers to interact with their cars. On display were a number of futuristic dashboards that featured everything from gesture controls to autonomous driving modes. Perhaps the most impressive dashboard concept came from Denso. The company's multi-area controller uses eye-tracking to detect what part of the dashboard interface the driver is looking at. For example, glance at the navigation, and that function will be given control. Look over at the infotainment options, and the controls will pop up for you to use. You can then use the controllers built into the steering wheel to make selections. The dashboard also includes live feeds from the car's rear-facing cameras. 

The Harman Advanced Navigation system uses crowdsourcing to pull information.

Faraday Future's FFZero1

If you're ever dreamed of driving the Batmobile, this all-electric car is about as close as you can get to the real thing. The FFZero1 was perhaps the most awaited reveal of CES this year, and it did not disappoint. With four Quad-Core motors, the car pumps out more than 1,000 total horsepower and can go from 0 to 60 mph in less than three seconds. The max speed tops out over 200 mph. Faraday Future's FFZero1 serves as the showcase for the company's concept of a flat, scalable platform that could eventually be adapted to multiple vehicle types, including luxury cars, crossovers and even pickup trucks. The company has announced plans to break ground on a manufacturing facility in Las Vegas this year, with the hopes of building cars starting in 2017. Will the FFZero1 be among them? Only time will tell. 

Harman Advanced Navigation 

Say goodbye to your favorite maps application and say hello to the Harman Advanced Navigation system. The concept system uses crowdsourced information about traffic, parking and other road hazards to keep you as up-to-date as possible when on the road. The company is hoping this will help make trips as stress-free and short as possible. Sure, the popular Waze app provides similar information, but it is isn't always reliable. In contrast, Harman's system will pull information from your car—windshield wiper status, traction, etc.—to determine if the road is wet and slippery and would then report that info. The car's external cameras would help in tracking open parking spots and upload that data into the system, which would be highlighted on the navigation map. 

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BMW i Vision Future Interaction

This concept car is packed with high-resolution displays that interact with the driver in a number of ways. The 3D Air Touch technology uses sensors to recognize hand movements in a way that makes your gestures similar to using a touch screen but without actually touching the screen surface. Just point or gesture to what you want to control and your will is done. Oh, and the Air Touch technology works for both the driver and the passenger. BMW's concept car also features a head-up display, a 3D instrument cluster, and a 21-inch panoramic display for the navigation/infotainment display.