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Light Up the Night With Led Light Bars

Light Up the Night With Led Light Bars

It can be a lot of fun to use LED light bars. We've all seen them in the halls of our schools, on the wall at our favorite watering hole or advertising a deal outside any number of local businesses. But did you know they can be incorporated into or onto your car, truck or SUV? You’re not going to find these at just any auto parts store and that’s why you can shop with confidence at Soundz Good Stereo.

What are LED Light Bars?

LED light bars are most commonly mounted to the outside of your car, whether it’s on the roof of your SUV or the tailgate of your pickup truck. They can be used inside the vehicle as well. The bars can be programmed in many ways to flash patterns, display colors and even show scrolling or flashing messages.

Full aluminum housing ensures the light bar can handle the toughest of conditions. With easy-to-install brackets, you can put them on any vehicle that you want. Our professional installers can help with installation, ensuring it won’t slip off while you’re driving. The bar's LED lights are bright, ensuring everyone can see the colors and messages you have selected.

LED Light Bars Can Be Programmed to Flash Patterns and Show Scrolling Messages

Buying LED Light Bars

LED light bars are a great value because they are known to last for 25,000 hours or more. LED technology is being used more and more since the lights don’t get hot and are energy saving. You’re not going to use a lot of power in order to keep them going, so you can buy them and not worry about post-purchase costs.

Right now at Soundz Good Stereo, if you decide to take advantage of our financing, you can put down $40 towards a sound system, wheel package or any upgrade for your vehicle. You can also enjoy $200 off all wheels and tires. Stop into our Oxnard location today, where you can find light bars and many other items to trick out your ride.

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