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The Future of In-Car Audio Systems Could Save Lives

The Future of In-Car Audio Systems Could Save Lives

It seems odd that a car audio system will be able to save lives someday. But as odd as it might sound, new technologies making their way into in-car audio system could do just that. DynAudio, a Danish speaker manufacturer, is taking its products to the next level with some truly incredible technology. 

Noise Cancellation

One of the upgrades DynAudio is working on is noise cancelling technology similar to what you would experience while using a pair of noise-cancelling headphones. The basic idea is the same — block out secondary sounds that decrease audio capability and quality. But the biggest risk of noise cancelling technology being used in cars is that there are some traffic noises that are vital to people's safety. 

But DynAudio has a solution for that. The company uses a special type of discerning noise cancellation that will filter important sounds, such as those from a screaming adult as a child runs into to the road to retrieve a toy or emergency vehicles that are approaching. It will also be able to pinpoint where the sound is coming from, focusing the direction of the noise using the most relevant in-car speaker.

New Audio Systems Could Provide Noise Cancellation Technology

Zoning in on Sounds

By utilizing several speakers within a vehicle, DynAudio has plans to craft sound zones for every person in the car. The purpose is to allow each person in the car to listen to something different. For example one person riding in the backseat could listen to their music while another watches a movie and a third is talking on their phone. This technology would mean that everyone could have their own experience without being bothered by interfering noise from someone else's activities. 

Make Some Noise

DynAudio is planning to come up with a sound that cars can emit to let other cars and people know they are approaching. No, this will not replace the horn. Rather, it will be designed to be a constant warning for others, such as pedestrians, to let them know when it is and isn't safe for them to cross the street or retrieve their child's toy from the road. 

DynAudio knows the technology they are in the process of developing is going to be extremely challenging, but they are determined to find a way to make it a reality. The technology is already there, they just have to figure out how to implement it into cars.

DynAudio is currently working with Volkswagen making a plan for the future, and figuring out how to create this magnificent sound system for all to enjoy. They are off to a good start, the company has already created its own ideal amplifier that has plenty technology and power built into it to make it impending proof for any impending in car audio situation, whether it is zonal audio or noise cancelling.