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How The Apple Watch Can Work With Your Car

How The Apple Watch Can Work With Your Car

How many times have you been heading out to run an errand and realize you can't find your car keys anywhere? You commence a thorough search of your purse or pockets, the house, the garage, anywhere you think you could have possibly left them. People have invented mini tracking devices to place on your key ring to help you find them if they're lost, usually via some kind of mobile app. But what if your keys were always with you? 

Tim Cook, Apple's CEO, thinks the company's Apple Watch could soon replace your car keys. That means locking and unlocking your car could be as simple as making sure you're wearing your watch in the morning. The smart watch is well on its way to getting there, offering apps from car makers that can do that and much more.

Lock and Unlock 

With Apple's smart watch, you can lock and unlock your cars with the push of a button. It might not be a revolutionary concept since that's what most of us were doing with our key fobs, but it does let you do it without having your car keys in hand. So instead of standing outside your car for two minutes while you dig through your pockets to find your keys, you can easily unlock the doors with your phone. Plus if you're out shopping or grabbing a drink with your buddies and think you forgot to lock your car, you can activate the lock right then and there rather than walking all the way back to your car. 

Remote Start 

Many newer cars already come with remote start capability, but you have to have your keys nearby to make it work. That's not the case with Apple Watch. Many automakers have developed apps that allow drivers to start their car from wherever they are. So if you're thinking of heading out soon but your car has been baking in the sun for hours, you can remote start your car with your watch to get the air flowing and cool it down without ever going outside. 

Your Apple Watch Can Help You Find Where You Parked Your Car

Parking Spot Finder

Nothing is worse than wandering around the parking lot searching for your parked car. And you never want to be the person who has to set their alarm off in a busy parking garage to find their car. With Apple Watch, you don't have to. Many automakers and third-party app developers can use the watch's GPS features to help you remember exactly where you left your car. 

Telematic Reports

How much charge is in your car battery? Do the tires need more or less air in them? Is your car's energy use performing where you want it to be? These might not be the easiest things to check, but they can be with Apple's smart watch. Third party apps as well as apps from manufacturers such as BMW, Volkswagen and Porsche will let you check the fuel level, your car's electric battery status and more. With these apps, it's never been easier to get to know the ins-and-outs of your car. 

How We Can Help 

If you don't have an Apple Watch yet but you want to take advantage of some of these great features, Soundz Good Stereo can help

We offer smartphone integration for all makes and models of vehicles, and can install smart start technology in your vehicle and help you pair it with your smartphone. We also can provide smartphone integration with your car's security system. 

At Soundz Good Stereo, we pride ourselves in keeping up with the latest updates involving car safety, vehicle modification and manufacturer recommendations. It is our goal to keep you safe on the road 24-hours per day with the purchase of exceptionally high quality parts from our car accessory store. Stop in today and find out how you can get the most out of your car with the help of your smartphone.