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How to Choose the Right DVD Player For Your Car

How to Choose the Right DVD Player For Your Car

In a world that is teeming with modern technology, electronic equipment is everywhere. Almost every item that someone could possibly own has something electronic in it, and cars are no exception. In the vast world of in-car technology, one item stands out from the rest: the car DVD player. Car DVD players are extremely popular, especially among families who have children. These DVD players are available in several different styles. The style you should choose depends on where you want the DVD player in your car. Keep reading to find out tips on choosing the best DVD player for your car.

Three Different Options To Choose From

The three most popular styles of car DVD players are:

  • in-dash "Double Din" players with touch screens,
  • overhead DVD players,
  • and headrest DVD players.

Car DVD players, especially the in-dash variety, have become more than just video players. They offer input technology so audio and video from a cellphone can be played in the car, USB ports to connect flash drives, the capability to stream over Bluetooth and many other features. These in-dash systems can also include technology that enables hands-free calling via Bluetooth so a user can safely make a phone call without touching or looking at the phone. Another technology that in-dash systems enable is GPS navigation with voice prompts. These systems are so popular because they can easily mount in the dash without the need for cables or suction cups. The most popular car DVD systems have screens that are anywhere from 6.1 inches to 6.5-or 7-inch screens.

Compatibility Matters When Buying a DVD Player for Your Car

Compatibility Matters

Car owners who plan on replacing their car radio with a DVD player should pay attention to its compatibility with the steering wheel controls, information systems and input jacks. Companies carry a wide range of interfaces that allow users to retain the steering wheel controls and have them function as they did with the old radio. Installation by an experienced car accessory store can offer ways to use USB ports and auxiliary jacks that are already part of the vehicle, as well as the ability to use the USB ports and auxiliary jacks on the system if your car does not have these connectors. Features can even be added or enhanced to allow the system to perform functions that your original radio did not provide.

In the Back Seats

Back seat DVD players have become quite popular as well. These are available in two variants; the overhead DVD player and the headrest DVD player. Choosing which kind you want depends on the number of viewers in the vehicle as well as the type of vehicle. The headrest screens are the most popular system, and they are made in such a way that they can replace your existing headrest. Some of these are made so they have the same style and shape as your original headrest. Often, these screens are anywhere from 7 to 9 inches. These players often come with audio/video input, USB and the ability to use IR wireless headphones. In a car with multiple screens, the system can work in a way where, for example, two kids in the back seat can watch separate movies and have the audio play in their IR headphones.

Overhead screens also are a popular choice because they come in a wide variety of screen sizes, with some as large as 22 inches. In multi-row vehicles with a large number of passengers, everyone can look at the same screen together. Overhead flip-down screens can allow the user to save wiring costs and installation time. These systems also enable the use of wireless headsets and audio/video input, along with other common accessories.