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How To Keep Your Kids From Saying "Are We There Yet"!

How To Keep Your Kids From Saying "Are We There Yet"!

Long car rides can be stressful, especially when the children in the backseat keep asking, “Are we there yet?”. You can put an end to the question by simply having a TV/DVD player on hand, a game system installed or integrating your smart phone.

The majority of kids and teens love to watch TV, play games and listen to music. At Soundz Good Stereo, you can have these special entertainment systems installed in your vehicle before your next road trip. You can chose from the following: headrest video screens, in-dash car DVD player, or have a flip down DVD player installed. Regardless of which one you chose your children will be happy, entertained and quiet during your long car ride.

Headrest Video Screen

The headrest video screen is the most popular choice for parents. The screen is installed into the back off the front seat headrest. Your children can sit comfortably in the backseat and watch their favorite movies. Some of the headrest models support Smartphone integration, SD cards and USB ports.

How is the video screen installed in the headrest? It isn’t - you simply have your car’s factory headrests replaced with a set that match the interior of your car and already have the video screens installed in them.

This allows you to replace both headrests and have two video screens - one for each child (assuming you have two children).This also eliminates any fighting over what they are going to watch, as they can both watch whatever they want. Using wireless headphones or wired headphones, each child can listen to their movie without the distraction of another movie playing or trying to hear over the radio or talking.

Headrest Video Screen

Overhead Video Monitor

The overhead video monitor is another great choice. If you have young children or teens that enjoy the same movies, or love playing video games together, the overhead monitor is perfect. This monitor is larger than the headrest screen and is attached in the middle your car’s ceiling. Just like the headrest movie screen, you can use either wireless or wired headphones for sound.

Tablet Integration

The tablet can be mounted to the headrest of both the back of driver and passenger seats. You can easily change the angle by gently titling the tablet. The tablet can be easily removed once you reach your destination. Your kids can play games, get online, check their Facebook account, message back and forth with friends, read emails, watch movies and videos, and read an eBook. A tablet packs a lot of entertaining things for your kids or teens to do while on a long car ride.

Certainly one of these three options will keep your kids happy and prevent you from hearing those dreaded words “Are we there yet?”. Not to mention, it may even reduce the bickering and snide comments your kids toss at each other after too much time together. 

Not sure if you can afford an entertainment center for your car, or maybe your credit isn‘t so good? That’s not a problem at Soundz Good Stereo, as they offer no credit check financing.