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How To Keep Your Car Cooler During The Summer!

How To Keep Your Car Cooler During The Summer!

Summer means trips to the beach, pool parties, hanging out late with friends and hot weather. You and your vehicle will suffer in the heat unless you follow these tips and precautions.

Sunshades and Window Visors

Hot interior temperatures can delay you from getting where you want to go because you have to wait for the inside of the car to cool down, especially if you have leather interior. Purchasing window visors is one of the best ways to keep your vehicle cool. Sunshades and window visors should be used every time you leave your car for more than five or ten minutes. To keep all inside areas of your vehicle cool, use a sunshade for the front and rear window and use window visors on each driver and passenger window.

Dash Cover

Purchasing a dash cover is beneficial for many reasons, the primary reason being to keep your car cool. A dash cover can make your car's interior more comfortable by decreasing the temperature a significant amount. When you don't have to worry about touching hot surfaces in the car, driving in the heat is less irritating and frustrating.

Use a Hand Towel

Purchasing a steering wheel cover is a good idea but during the summer, you will need additional protection. A hand towel can be more beneficial than you realize. Sunshades get a lot of the work done but extra protection is a good idea. There's nothing worse than attempting to drive with a hot steering wheel.

Parking Issues

Parking in a shaded area can help decrease the temperature in your vehicle, especially when you will be away from your vehicle for a long period of time. You may not want to walk a longer way from and to your car but it's worth the walk if you can decrease the temperature in your car and drive comfortably.


Shelter Your Belongings

Heat not only affects you and your vehicle but your belongings as well. Personal items, such as a cell phone, lighter, candy and similar items should not be left in the heat. Extreme heat can cause cell phones to malfunction, lighters to explode, and candy to melt.

Slightly Cracked Windows

Slightly cracking your windows is a good thing to practice when temperatures are hot. Slightly cracking the windows allows heat to escape your vehicle instead of overwhelming you when you open the door.

Solar-Powered Fan

Solar-powered fans are great to use when temperatures soar past the 80s. You don't have to worry about batteries or an outlet. Whether you are away from your vehicle for 20 minutes or more, your vehicle will be significantly cooler than it would if you did not use a solar-powered fan with sunshades and visor.

Tinted Windows

Tinted windows not only look cool on a vehicle, they help reduce the amount of light that enters your car, helping reduce the temperature. Your windows do not need to be heavily tented to prevent heat from the sun from entering your vehicle. 

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